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Frédéric Roussel

Save the Date: Sustainability/Regeneration

Co-Founder and Director of Development for international NGO ACTED, Frédéric Roussel has worked in the humanitarian sector since 1987, co-founding the charity in Afghanistan in 1993. Today, ACTED reaches over 14 million beneficiaries in 37 countries. As Director of Operations, Frédéric oversaw the development of ACTED’s activities in Afghanistan, before the organization branched out into Central Asia, then later became an organization with a global reach. In 1997, he founded the OXUS network as a separate entity to oversee all elements of ACTED’s prior microfinance activities supporting small-medium scale businesses. Frédéric Roussel launched 13 years ago the Convergence Global Forum, bringing together public, private and solidarity actors around the SDGs towards a 3Zero “Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero poverty” world. More than 250 organizations are today partners of Convergences in France and in the world. He is also the founder of IMPACT Initiatives, with the aim of promoting advocacy on humanitarian and development issues, and contributing to better coordination, planning and localization of humanitarian action and development aid.