At the World Human Forum we follow a holistic approach. We garner contributions from a broad spectrum of disciplines that directly impact human life and touch upon our minds, bodies, and hearts. Some of the brightest minds in philosophy, science, education, economic development, join artists, spiritual leaders, organic farmers, social entrepreneurs, and other thoughtful, creative agents of change in pursuit of a common goal. A new paradigm for the future of our civilisation.

While we focus on concrete action, at the WHF we also investigate the deep causes of our current systemic crisis. At the heart of our human journey we consider the evolution of individual consciousness and its impact on the world we live in.

We consider financial independence and accountability as cornerstones. Although open to synergies and collaboration with all entities, we are determined to limit our funding to foundations and individual donations.

A sense making tool

The Delphic Cube

A new tool, a new approach, a new methodology. The Delphic Cube aims at triggering a different mindset. The exact opposite of the known cube, though similar in looks, the Delphic cube aspires to lead us from fragmentation to integration; to breaking down silos; to proposing a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that continuously keeps the human at heart.

The Delphic Cube is a practical tool to assess projects and provide citizens with diverse entry points and opportunities to contribute.

With the use of the Delphic Cube we want to demonstrate how humanity will only thrive if in our analysis we integrate the six disciplines-colors of our cube: Sustainability & Regeneration, Democracy, Education, Inner Transformation, Science & Technology and Art — always with the human at heart.




Inner Transformation



Sustainability and Regeneration are our priorities

The 1st side of the cube represents the sustainability and regeneration agenda which in order to be achieved requires a paradigm shift. One which will lead to a systemic, economic, social and behavioural change addressing the big challenges of today.

Based on Democracy

The 2nd side represents Democracy. We believe that only empowered, committed, responsible citizens operating in democratic societies can co-create and implement the sustainability and ecologic agenda. We strongly believe that we should aim at strengthening our democratic institutions, increase citizen participation, diversity, inclusiveness, and responsibility.

Enriched by Education

The 3rd side represents education. We believe that we need to rethink and reinvent our education system so that we school a new generation of change-makers, providing them with the necessary skills to resolve the critical problems of our times.

Enlightened by Inner-Transformation

The 4th side represents inner-transformation. Often neglected, but in our view the fundamental basis for achieving any change. What ancient Greeks referred to as “know thyself” (γνῶθι σαὐτόν), remains as current as ever in our quest for a new humane civilization.

Empowered by Science and Technology

The 5th side represents science and technology. Science and technology as a force for good, a tool to serve human needs, rather than an end in itself. The connecting force for all other fields accelerating the transformation process.

Inspired by Art

The 6th side represents art. The intellectual and emotional power of art to reach human hearts and brains. Art & artists have a universal language to communicate with people of all cultures and social background. Art has the power to change perceptions and perspectives, to connect and build bridges between people, communities, and nations. The creativity and imagination of art is our positive force for our common future.

A different type of meeting

The Delphic Gatherings

Our Delphic Cube methodology is put into action via small-size, highly interactive type meetings, modeled after our annual WHF meeting in Delphi.

At our annual meeting at Delphi we invite 100 engaged citizens, thinkers and doers from the 6 disciplines of the Delphic Cube, to actively listen, discuss, and seek solutions.

Social entrepreneurs, farmers, academics, artists, political, spiritual leaders, businessmen, activists, scientists, athletes, teachers from all around the world sit in alphabetical order (underlining the need for equality), meet, discuss, and often become friends. It is a human to human approach, aspiring to encourage empathy and respect for diversity, while fostering creativity and a collective intelligence process.

Complementing the intellectual stimulation, Delphi offers a unique atmosphere for our meetings: natural beauty, serenity, art, time spent dinning together, all provide a holistic experience stimulating all senses allowing for human relations to flourish.

We believe that our Delphi meetings are easily replicable and can be organized anywhere in the world.

Sessions from our annual WHF meetings are available online.

Resonating every day - everywhere

The Echo of Delphi

Further to our Delphic Gatherings, we scout, research and connect the amazing initiatives, networks, micro-mega ecosystems from around the world. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we support interdisciplinary   partnerships emphasizing the human-centric denominator. We aim at spreading the message every day, everywhere: the time is here for a new paradigm, for responsible, imaginative, self-empowered citizens to get into action for the regeneration of our communities, our countries, and our planet.

We are currently working on:

  • Organizing international talks and dialogues
  • Participating in fora, summits, and meetings at a local, national and international level
  • Partnering with arts & science organizations for multidisciplinary projects
  • Supporting the publication of books & papers
  • Promoting screenings of films, fiction & documentary
  • Scouting and empowering innovative change-makers by bringing them into contact with research centers, policy makers, and similar citizen initiatives
  • Creating original tools to support the rapid spreading of our messages
  • Exploring and creating educational curricula