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Maja Göpel presented her new book Let’s See Our World Differently

In her new book, Let’s See Our World Differently – which was on the German bestseller list for months – the influential German economist Maja Göpel, one of the most important voices for sustainable development in Europe, invites us to overcome our entrenched beliefs and to find mechanisms to deal with more problems at the same time; mechanisms that may challenge many beliefs, but that will allow us, instead of passively and reactively rejecting a bleak future, to actively shape a desirable one.

Τhe world as we know it and have shaped it is currently plagued by the climate crisis chaos; the gap between the rich and the poor that is widening; the intense polarisation of our societies. All these are elements that leave no room for doubt: we can no longer continue to live in the same way. The West’s model of prosperity is outdated. It is imperative, as the global scientific community is pointing out, that we change our way of thinking.

The global environmental and social crises are not mere coincidences. They reveal the way we treat ourselves and the planet we inhabit. If we want to overcome these crises, we must become aware of the rules by which we have built our economic system. Only when we fully understand them will we be able to change them – and regain our freedom.

Maja Göpel’s book published by Psychogios publications was launched last week with a panel of speakers who had much to say about the changes we need to see in our world. Alexandra Mitsotaki, President and co-founder of World Human Forum, Kostas Kartalis, Professor of Environment at the University of Athens, Nikos Charalambidis, Director of GreenPeace and Yannis Mastrogeorgiou, Special Secretary for Long Term Planning came together to talk about the book Let’s See Our World Differently, converging on the concerns and the need for a change of trajectory.

In the following link you can watch the presentation of the book Let’s See Our World Differently: