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“Delphic Cube”: An interdisciplinary sense making tool

A new tool, a new approach, a new methodology. The Delphic Cube is triggering a different mindset. The exact opposite of the known cube, the Delphic Cube although similar in looks teaches us that we can only win if we connect the six sides. Each side representing another field -Sustainability, Democracy, Education,Personal Development, Technology&Innovation, and Art.

Aspires to lead us from fragmentation to integration; to breaking down silos; to proposing a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that continuously keeps life at heart. It is the outcome of a collective intelligence process, created by participants during the 3rd Delphic Meeting of the World Human Forum, on April 2019. The cube keeps organically evolving everyday, everywhere.

Through the use of the Delphic Cube methodology a canvas for a new Human narrative is provided. In this canvas empowered, responsible and active citizens can find their place and their role in the creation of a new ecological civilisation.

Watch here the Delphic Cube video: