Delos 3rd Global Gathering – ALPHA MISSION accomplished!

Save the Date: June 3rd & 4th

Uniting the force of mythology, art and space technology to awaken humanity and regenerate our planet!
For the third year in a row, Delos opened its arms to people worldwide, fostering connections, exchanging ideas, and taking action to restore our Earth amidst the daunting challenges we face.
Iannis Xenakis’ transcendental melodies echoed through the sacred island for the very first time, bridging the past, present, and future.
showing how ancient wisdom can illuminate humanity’s common next steps.
Delos’ voice harmoniously blended with choreographer Akram Khan’s powerful message on the climate crisis, as witnessed in the breathtaking performance of “Jungle Book Reimagined.”
The gathering will soon be accessible online for everyone to experience. Stay tuned for further updates!