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A modern-day Pheidippides runs for Climate Action

Save the Date: 2421klm from Athens to Glasgow’s COP26

The ultramarathon runner, activist and actor Agis Emmanouil, against all odds, is now a step away from the Glasgow finish line! Having started from the historical centre of Athens on 11 August, he has already travelled 1,900 km, and is now running his final miles towards the most important conference on the future of humanity, COP26. As another modern-day Pheidippides, Agis Emmanouil aims to deliver upon his arrival the messages, thoughts and hopes of the plethora of our fellow Europeans who he met, ran with him and contributed in their own way to his ecological action; a runner who, this time in human history, is carrying a great message of peace and solidarity towards a battle that humanity must fight together. 

After leaving Greece two months ago, his first stop were the cities of Italy; from Milan to Padova, Agis had the pleasure of meeting other climate activists, organisations and citizens who either ran with him for a few kilometres or simply talked with him about our ecological future. Crossing France from Lyon to Paris, he met with representatives of various communities and a number of supporters who delivered their own messages. And now he has reached the United Kingdom where he continues his immense effort.

“We cannot continue business as usual. We must urgently start acting for the environment. And the time is limited. We haven’t got the luxury to walk for the environment, we must “run” for the environment with all our energy. Each and everyone from all over the planet, in their own way. The first “miles” will be difficult but then you adjust and start to enjoy the ride. In this way we can befriend our planet again, which we have turned for years now from an ally to an enemy. The crisis is within us… As for the finish line … I’ll tell you in a few days how wonderful this moment will be”, Agis Emmanouil mention.

Now, more than ever, we must all join forces and “run” the last kilometres for the climate!  Agis is a shinning example of the power we all have within us to achieve this.

Special mention was given to Agis’ ecological cause by the The Guardian