Doha, November 2019

World Innovation Summit for Education -WISE

‘UnLearn, ReLearn: What it means to be Human’

The WISE Summit is a vibrant, multidimensional arena for this exploration that places participants at the heart of the global conversation about one of the most important issues of our time, and any time: the future of education. From its inception, WISE has been committed to advancing quality education, and emphasizing its role in empowering individuals and enabling societies to thrive. The theme of WISE 2019, ‘UnLearn, ReLearn: What it means to be Human’, invited us to return to humanity’s essential traits – empathy, resilience, and collaboration – to expand our perspective on what human potential makes possible in an era of often dizzying technological change, and explore more widely the purpose of learning.

The World Human Forum participated in the “Triggering Changes” session where it elaborated on the methodology of the Delphic Cube as a sense making tool to help inspire and transform communities providing a new perspective for their projects and practical way of assessing them.

-Doha, November 19-21, 2019