Venice, November 2020


The WHF is a facilitator and supporter of the SUMus strategic project, actively participating in the reflection and implementation of its vision which is completely aligned with our values and actions.
Venice, an emblematic symbol of Humanist Renaissance harmoniously linked to the Living World is in desperate need of regeneration.

The SUMus initiative aims to mobilize many inhabitants of Venice and lovers of the Serenissima all around the world so as to seize the opportunity to reinvent the city in all its dimensions, economic, social, cultural, societal, environmental … Its aspiration is that Venice becomes the concrete example of the city of the future that respects nature and living beings, thus inspiring the rest of the world.

At a time when humanity is facing major challenges, SUMus intends to co-construct and promote the much-needed new behaviors that will allow everyone to live in harmony with oneself, with others and more broadly with the planet, nature and animals.

This new paradigm, deeply respectful of life, will gradually induce technological, financial, educational, media, artistic sectors… It will enable each individual to become aware of his singularity, his potential and talents and thus find his rightful place in society. Besides, a caring and responsible ecosystem will allow legal entities and communities to work on the general well-being.

-Venice, November 10, 2020