Sacred island of Delos sends message to humanity from the UNESCO headquarters in Paris

 On Monday 30 January, ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS initiative will travel to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris becoming the starting point for a major conversation on climate crisis, culture and the future of humanity. Delos’ emblematic concert, “the [Uncertain] Four Seasons”, which took place in the framework of this initiative last May, with the participation of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) and soloists the Ukrainian-born rising star Diana Tishchenko (violin) and the Greek virtuoso Socrates Sinopoulos (lyre) will be presented in a unique screening at the UNESCO House.

The screening will be preceded by a discussion concerning a collective search for a future worthy of next generations and the salvation of “the only home we’ve ever known”, planet Earth. In the discussion will participate representatives from the arts and culture, space technology, philosophy and archaeology. In particular, the President and co-founder of the World Human Forum, Alexandra Mitsotaki, the astrophysicist, planetologist and director of research at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris, Athena Coustenis, the philosopher Patrick Viveret and the director of the French School of Athens, Véronique Chankowski.