Oświęcim, November 2019

One Humanity Institute-City of Hope meeting

Since 4 years now the “One Humanity Institute-City of Hope” team have been working on the idea of creating of next to Auschwitz concentration camp an institution of hope for Humanity. Thousands of people visit the camp everyday, leaving the site with mixed emotions about the atrocities done and a wish to live in a better world.

The aim of this initiative is to capture this energy and transform it to something positive enabling these people to see also the kind side of humanity and giving them the opportunity to immediately contribute to a good cause. The World Human Forum participated in this meeting which aimed to bring together supporters of this initiative in order to discuss its realization.

-Auschwitz-Oświęcim, November 28-December 1, 2019

For more info on the initiative https://onehumanity.institute/