Delphi, October 2019

NOW Worldview Assembly

The World Human Forum participated in the 1st NOW Worldview Assembly where more than a hundred prominent thinkers, authors of breakthrough scientific discoveries, ideas and practices, cultural figures and change-makers from 25 countries, gathered for 5 days (10-14 October).

The participants included key researchers into consciousness, environmentalists and economists, leaders of social change, artists and spiritual leaders, major investors and heads of the Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest. The sum of their work most fully represents the new paradigm, initiating a significant revision of accepted notions about the world and man, proposing a way out of the current civilisational impasse, triggering a wave of change in the consciousness and actions of people throughout the world.

Lucretius Carus once wrote a treatise, “On the Nature of Things,” which was a hymn to materialism and led to a reduced picture of the world. NOW, as the abbreviation for “Nature Of Wonders,” is the shortest formula of the new paradigm and at the same time an eligibility criterion or challenge.

With the onset of the Anthropocene, humanity has become the number one factor on which the continuation and development of life on the planet as a whole depend. In this regard, the answer to the question: “Who are we?” – which was previously optional – is now necessary for life.
Humanity is in fact ALREADY a single organism. For the first time, the existence of a unified worldview is a condition for existence.

The three main themes of the Assembly were new physics (the arrangement of the Universe as a whole, in which not only matter exists), new anthropology (humanity as a carrier of consciousness is an active transformative force of the Universe) and new practice (education, medicine, economics, communications, etc., based not on separation, but on integrity).

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-Delphi, October 10-14, 2019