Ludwigsburg Festival: A celebration of the Arts, Democracy and Sustainability

copyright by Rainer Pfisterer

The Ludwigsburg Festival in Germany – the festival of the Arts, Democracy and Sustainability – started on the 11th of May with a very impressive opening night.

The opening speech was given by the President and co-founder of the World Human Forum, Alexandra Mitsotaki who referred to the importance of art in creating a new model of living for our future, “(…) art speaks to our hearts, awakens our emotions, connects us with others and with the world around us”, as she underlined.

The Festival Orchestra played Tchaikovsky’s symphony “Pathétique” and the young star violinist Diana Tishenko Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in front of an almost sold-out audience. The conductor was Vitali Alekseenok.

Having a long 90-year old history in the German society the Ludwigsburg Festival is a milestone for the cultural landscape of the country. The core of the festival is the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the European Agenda for 2030; the Festival is even colour-coordinated with the colour scheme of the SDG’s.

The main concept of the impressive Festival is based upon the firm belief that cultural institutions must play a leading role in dealing with crises – both local and global. Crises that should be addressed by working together with citizens and visitors towards an open and sustainable society of the future.