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Alpha Mission- Δelos: From Delos to the stars for the regeneration of the planet

Alpha Mission- Δelos, an initiative that aims through the combined forces of Mythology, Art and Space Technology to raise awareness worldwide of the urgent need to regenerate our planet, is starting its long journey from Delos.

Nasa’s ARTEMIS MISSION will carry the first woman to the Moon by 2025, following the APOLLO MISSION that carried the first man to the Moon in 1969.
Delos is the island where, according to the legend, the twin gods Apollo and Artemis were born, the place where light was born. For many centuries in antiquity, Delos was the cosmopolitan centre of the Mediterranean.

Today, the entire island is an open museum and the ancient ruins on it have already been affected by the climate crisis and rising sea levels. Alongside our quest to explore space and possibly other planets, Delos – and the events associated with it – will be emblematic reminders that feathers need roots too, and that healing our planet should be a priority.

NASA’s Artemis mission, following the Apollo mission, gives us a unique opportunity to understand that Humanity will not be able to adequately address climate challenges unless it combines the wisdom of the past with the knowledge and capabilities of today, the humanities with science, mythology, art and spirituality with space and technology.

Watch the first Alpha Mission- Δelos trailer: