Athens>Glasgow, August>November 2021

2.421km for the Climate

How many miles do we have to travel to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come? Can we overcome ourselves to make it?

During these challenging times for our planet and humanity Agis Emmanouil, actor, ultramarathon runner and activist, started running from Athens on 11 August, a 2421klm ultramarathon (equal to 60 Marathons) aiming to finish on 1 November in Glasgow, when the UN Climate Change Conference -the most important since the historic Paris UN Climate Change Conference- begins.

Starting symbolically from Pnyx -the location in Athens where the first democratic assembly was held- Agis Emmanouil crosses from Greece to Italy, passing then through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He will pass through a total of 60 cities to help raise awareness on climate change, on the devastating effects already facing the environment, our cities and our cultural heritage. To unite and activate people along this route to save the planet.

“The support of the whole world, wherever I pass through, will give this action momentum and strength to gain a global impact”, he says.

Nowadays, small steps are not enough. We can no longer wait for a solution, we all need to act. Now we all join forces and… “run” for the climate! The World Human Forum, as a global citizens’ initiative, supports this superhuman effort as a concrete example of the power we all have within us.


To follow his journey and if you as an athlete would like to run with him click here