Why Delphi

Delphi, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a place of unique natural beauty, energy, and historical prominence. In ancient times, it was considered the centre of the world. People from all around the Mediterranean world and beyond visited Delphi to seek advice from its oracle. Today, Delphi can again become a global reference point, where the innovative forces of our planet may gather to seek solutions. Delphi has the universal and symbolic capacity to federate humans. To provide the ideal place for AI, Artificial Intelligence, to meet the other, often forgotten AI, that of Ancestral Intelligence, and to come into dialogue in search for wisdom.

Delphi in antiquity, was considered a destination for religion, politics, philosophy, economy, culture, and sports. People all over the world arrived at Delphi to ask their most important questions and receive advice for the biggest challenges of their time. Through its motto “know thyself”, Delphi led the classical world to question assumptions, interpretations, and identities.

Delphi today, can play a similar role and serve yet again humanity as a third space to call upon the urgent questions of our times, to promote dialogue, and enable humans to meet, engage, and co-create.

With a similar mindset, we chose Delphi as the seat for the WHF, aiming at becoming a modern navel, a point of connectivity, creating a space for other initiatives to be the brain, the heart or any other part of our planet’s body. To provide the canvas for a new human narrative.

Delphi is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, a breathtaking site on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, overlooking the sea and the olive grove of Amfissa, the largest olive grove in Greece with trees whose age is lost in the lapse of centuries.

The choice of Delphi as the seat of the World Human Forum seemed appropriate from the very beginning.