Why all of us

By connecting with thinkers and doers from around the world, we came to realize how many engaged citizens are experimenting with grassroots solutions that positively impact the lives of their communities. Mostly ignored by traditional power structures, they often hold the key to fresh and innovative solutions to pressing global problems. The WHF aims at connecting these creative forces, participate and amplify their transformation power, and act as a catalyst for the emergence of a new human-centric, earth-respectful paradigm. We, at the WHF, aim at supporting the formation of an ecological civilization via an ecosystem of innovative and earth-loving forces from around the world.

Hope today is coming from bottom-up citizen initiatives in different fields that are changing the world, one project at the time.  We embrace, support, and celebrate these initiatives. Responsible, imaginative, self-empowered citizens –the heroes of our times– are inventing new solutions for their local communities. We also realize that often local solutions hold the key to global problems, to a world of zero carbon, zero poverty, and zero exclusions (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). We believe in the creative power of human beings, and in the capacity and potential of each and every one of us. We believe in connecting and scaling up these initiatives, so that we can create the necessary critical mass to influence the political and economic decisionmakers of our communities, our countries, and our world.

For that, a new global reference point is needed, a third space, physical and virtual, that does not limit itself to the traditional economic-political-social analysis, but rather encourages and enables a more holistic approach integrating cultural, ethical, and value-based parameters.

We believe in the power of interdisciplinary solutions. We trust that philosophy, art, science, technology, spirituality and physical well-being are all equally important for new innovative ideas to flourish and lead to a “new Renaissance”.