The Convergences Greece Forum

The Convergence World Forum is the first plat­form for thought, advocacy and mobilisation in Eu­rope to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” World
The Convergence Greece Forum will take place on March 27 & 28th 2019 in Athens, followed by the WHF annual event in Delphi, April 01-02.2019. The Convergences Greece Forum aims to gather between 300 and 600 participants, bringing together representatives from the public sector, the corporate sector, academia, media and civil society -NGOs, foundations, think tanks, and relevant bottom up individual initiatives – to work towards a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” world, in the Greek environment.

The Convergences Greece Forum will comprise of:

– Day workshops and conferences directed to a professional audience, with several conferences taking place in parallel.
– A lively and diverse “marketplace” to encourage networking.
– An opening and a closing evening event directed towards youth and the general audience to inspire, inform and engage the Greek mainstream audience and in particular the youth.