Neither states nor markets can overcome alone those new global challenges. We need to go beyond the World Economic Forum (Davos) and the World Social Forum (Porto Allegre) approaches and re-centre on the Human. Focusing only on social-economic and political aspects is not sufficient. We need to think, act and lead differently, ethically and humanly.
We have to foster fundamental human values such as altruism, empathy and cooperation to help us re-invent the way we live with ourselves, others and nature.
21st century scientific progress will oblige us to re-assess the meaning of being human in a world of artificial intelligence and bionics and redefine “what makes a good life”.
Provided that basic human needs are covered, ever increasing material consumption does not contribute to raising our level of happiness. More and more people around the world experience this daily, while searching for what would give meaning to their lives.
Citizen engagement, creation of social capital and assuming our part of responsibility are the way forward.