All over the world citizens are experimenting new bottom up approaches that impact our lives positively. Mostly ignored by traditional power structures, they nevertheless often provide the necessary answers and solutions.
These pioneer initiatives need to be put into light, recognized and supported in order to reach the critical mass that will make them impact governance and markets.
For that, a new catalyst is needed, an innovative international reference for transformational change both individual and collective.
There is crucial need for a space, physical and virtual, that does not limit itself to traditional socio-economic and political aspects but encourages and enables a holistic attitude that touches upon our rational minds as well as our emotions, our feelings, our physical well being.
We believe in the power of an interdisciplinary approach to raise our awareness and help us create new solutions to problems of ever increasing complexity. We trust that thanks to art, philosophy and spirituality, combined to the astounding progress of science and technology a new space will emerge together with the consciousness that every one of us cannot act as if he were alone on earth but realise that he is a tiny part of a whole and therefore co responsible for it.