Yannis Sotirakos

Save the Date: Strategic Advisor

Yannis believes that supporting the free evolution of LIFE to thrive and flourish, should be our Human species universal purpose. Wellbeing (EY ZHN) for all beings. In the only known planet where life exists.

He is working towards this direction through a range of companies, projects, and initiatives, in industries such as Education, Wellbeing, Tourism, Technology, Entertainment.

Father of Chloe. Founder of Generation Alpha Ventures, focusing on a new global generation. Generation Alpha!

Current ventures include:

  • EY ZHN. Wellbeing for brands, organizations, people and destinations
  • Big Bang Education. Unleashing Human potential for a new global generation
  • powerX.tech. Delivering superpowers to people through technology and content
  • Place to BE. Wellbeing spaces and real estate developments
  • Xplore Blue. Marine life protection as a blue economy and marine tourism outcome

Yannis has been also the founder / co-founder of projects and companies in 10 countries. Including Olympic Games projects in three countries, Harmony4.Life initiative, GenerationAlpha.World NGO and more.

Holds a BSc in civil / transportation engineering from National Technical University of Athens Greece and a MSc/DEA in Geography from Sorbonne Paris 4 University, Paris France. He is a strategic advisor in World Human Forum and the chapter leader for Athens Greece of the Global Transformative tech community. A member of Singularity University A360 community and member of Xprize Global learning Vanguards. Speaker in international conferences incl. TEDx, TiLE, World Human Forum and more.