Tomas Björkman

Save the Date: Inner Transformation

A Swedish entrepreneur and change maker Tomas Björkman (b. 1958) has a master’s degree in physics and studied macroeconomics on the side. He has made a career as an entrepreneur in a variety of businesses within financial services, media, property development, and banking and has worked all over Europe. He founded Investment Banking Partners AB and served as chairman of EFG Investment Bank.

In 2008, Tomas established Ekskäret Foundation in Stockholm. The foundation developed a conference facility on its island Ekskäret in the Stockholm archipelago, and the mission of the foundation is to facilitate personal development and social change. He is also co-founder and director of the publishing company Fri Tanke Förlag (Freethought Publishing) and a member of The Club of Rome.

Tomas lives in London and works in Stockholm, Netherlands and Switzerland.