Jérôme Descours

Save the Date: Strategic Advisor

After an extensive experience in systems engineering, automatic control and computer sciences, Jérôme decided to take a leap of faith and joined the world of communication and of transitions.

His day-to-day: transform complexity into obviousness.

His favourite fields: sustainable development, CSR, employment, environment, culture and industrial process.

His activities: value systems analysis, communication strategies consultancy, publishing, turnkey communication project management and transitional management, Strategic coaching.

His keywords: Joie de vivre, Commitment, Efficiency, Dialogue and Creativity

Alongside his involvement in the World Human Forum and in addition to his activities with Teamaël, which he founded Jérôme is developing the Kairios Praxis project the objective of which is to promote tools for analysing value systems and is the Secretary General of the “Observatoire des Valeurs” his speciality: Values and Organisations.

Previously, he was in charge of the development of the “Blue Whale Project”, one of the major side events of the COP21 in Paris, which aimed to raise public awareness around the world delivering positive messages around environment, biodiversity, climate and eco-citizenship.