Bénédicte Manier

Save the Date: Sustainability/Regeneration

   Bénédicte Manier is a French journalist, essayist and columnist. She is the author of six books, including best seller “Un million de révolutions tranquilles” (A million quiet revolutions). This essay displays inspiring citizen-led solutions for the planet (ecosystems regeneration, agro-ecology and community-supported agriculture, renewable energies, eco-housing, civic tech, collaborative networks…) implemented in five continents and analyses the growing empowerment of civil society actors as a transformative force.  

   Combining field research with analysis, Bénédicte Manier has been extensively writing on social development and citizens’ commitment to sustainability in media such as Agence France-Presse, Alternatives Économiques or Le Monde Diplomatique. She has provided expert commentary for France Culture, Radio France Internationale or TV5 Monde.  

   A specialist of India, she has also written on women, youth, child labour, environment and development in this country. Her books about these topics are considered must-read classics (“Quand les femmes auront disparu“, “L’Inde nouvelle s’impatiente“, “La route verte des Indes“).