The Delphic Gatherings

Our Delphic Cube methodology is put into action via small-size, highly interactive type meetings, modeled after our annual WHF meeting in Delphi.

At our annual meeting at Delphi we invite 100 engaged citizens, thinkers and doers from the 6 disciplines of the Delphic Cube, to actively listen, discuss, and seek solutions.

Social entrepreneurs, farmers, academics, artists, political, spiritual leaders, businessmen, activists, scientists, athletes, teachers from all around the world sit in alphabetical order (underlining the need for equality), meet, discuss, and often become friends. It is a human to human approach, aspiring to encourage empathy and respect for diversity, while fostering creativity and a collective intelligence process.

Complementing the intellectual stimulation, Delphi offers a unique atmosphere for our meetings: natural beauty, serenity, art, time spent dinning together, all provide a holistic experience stimulating all senses allowing for human relations to flourish.

We believe that our Delphi meetings are easily replicable and can be organized anywhere in the world.

Sessions from our annual WHF meetings are available online.