Athens, January 2021

A Red and Blue discussion on Democracy

On the day of the inauguration of the new President of the United States -January 20, 2021- and on the occasion of the publication of our children’s book Red and Blue we organised  the “Red and Blue discussion on Democracy” featuring leading theorists and activists.

What is the real essence of democracy? What is the role of each and everyone of us in a democratic government? Why Democracy is not about a winning majority but about the progress of society as a whole?

The discussion was held on-line

Periklis Douvitsas -Managing Director – Nefeli publishing
Alexandra Mitsotaki -President, Co-founder -World Human Forum

6:50 Mireya Tabuas -Writer, Journalist, Playwriter
12:39 Cynthia Farrar -Independent scholar / Co-founder, Purple States TV
23:05 Josiah Ober -Professor of classics and political science -Stanford University
27:56 George Pagoulatos -Professor of European Politics and Economy -Athens University of Economics
34:27 Peggy Pelonis -President -American Community School, Athens
41:38 Costas Synolakis -President -Hellenic-American Educational Foundation
48:15 Discussion

A big thank you to “Τo Lexikopoleio” bookshop and for their support.


A small child has… a big problem! Which color to choose. Mother says that the most beautiful color is blue – dad prefers red! “Which one do you like best?” they keep asking. “The color of the sky or the color of delicious strawberries? The color of the sea or of the roses you gave your mum on her birthday?” The child finds the solution, combining their two colors and creating a third – purple. These turbulent times we live in keep reminding us of the dangers of a segregated society, with its citizens splitting up between “blue” and “red” sides. This book from Venezuela comes to shed light on a side we sometimes forget. The necessity of coexisting, of finding common ground, the importance of reconciliation and the essence of Democracy. In Democracy there must be no winners and losers, if our aim is for society to win as a whole.