Mary Karatza

Mary Karatza

Mary Karatza has studied design and is trained in scenography, leadership coaching and participatory design processes.

She has founded theSwitch company (2005), based in Athens, and has cooperated with numerous brands and enterprises for designing workplaces and stores while introducing participatory and cross-sectoral design methods.

Mary explores in practice how design create positive social and political transformation and works as pioneer of citizen’s engagement and participatory policy making approaches throughout cities and initiatives across Greece.

She has designed and pilots some well recognized community projects (Imagine the City, Ideatopos, Politeia, 2.0, Syntagma 2.0) focusing on challenges as urban regeneration, citizens engagement and participatory constitutional making.

In 2013 she founded the NGO Place Identity Clusters that develops and supports projects for social and political innovation.

She is a passionate activist working for the constitutional change in Greece.